Accountability – Accountability for actions and responsibility to disclose results in a transparent manner.

Vision - To be the market leader in travel retail industry through structured processes and by inspiring its people to lead and perform.

Action – Action is the bridge between Vision and Results. It starts from figuring out where to go ahead from where you are currently posed.

These above three constitute the edifice upon which AVA was founded.

AVA Merchandising Solutions (P) Ltd is a one stop destination for all those who are looking for travel retail solutions. As the largest and most popular travel retailer in the sub-continent, AVA is a market leader in its field with 30 Retail outlets at Airports across India with a potential customer base of almost 275,000 customers a day.

AVA’s network of prestigious Airline clients make AVA leader in the travel retail market with its sole aim to enhance customer experience by providing high quality, affordable and convenient shopping possibilities. Our expert travel retail solutions boost ancillary revenue for airlines with:

  • Travel Retail Outlets at the Airports
  • E –Commerce/Digital Platform
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Munch with AVA Outlets Metro Stations in Delhi

With an existing portfolio of 200+ brands and sustained efforts to widen our product offering, we intend to provide the “BEST” in terms of products and services and adopt “BEST” processes for our customers without slightest hesitation thereby matching global standards of performance.  

Deals by AVA offers a truly remarkable shopping experience on the internet. With an unparalleled assortment of innovative products in Travel and Accessories, Lifestyle and Fashion, Bags and Luggage, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Jewellery and Watches, we are an online shopping destination by choice.